At Spirito Creative Inc. our passion is to provide recreational planners time-saving tools that will make their jobs easier while bringing out the absolute best in people. We have placed all of these recreation therapy tools in a convenient online store on its own website at

In our Gelento store you will find high quality, life-affirming cognitive programs providing many benefits including:


"Brilliant and interesting accumulation of brain teasing facts and questions. Time went by quickly, the residents wanted more. Great work. Thank you for creating Everyday Genius."
˜Rachel, Recreation Worker

"What a fantastic resource! We have recently purchased the game "Reach" for our recreation therapists to use and what a success we have achieved already. The game has been used with many of our residents and at different levels of cognition…. Thanks for providing a new and exciting game that enhances the quality of life for our residents"
˜ Michelle, Recreation Assistant

"My mother and I found the pop-culture sessions to not only be a lot of fun but exciting too. It would jog our memories to think of days gone by and the people who meant something to us."
˜ Colleen, Family Member

"I used the Mind-Pop book and Reach cards for recreation programming at two seniors residences… they were such a hit with all of the residents! What fantastic resources! So popular with all the rec staff that you'd have to call dibs on it to get to use them… Sociable, fun, stimulating and inspiring."
˜ Fiona, Recreation Programmer

"My experience with the Reach game has been very positive. Some of the questions have inspired so much laughter and many funny responses. It really takes a person down memory lane and allows others in the group to see a different side of each other."
˜ Tammy, Recreation Therapist

"Reach is beautifully done in every way!"
˜ Tricia, Recreation Aide